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Ultra high-speed transport technology

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A theoretical study and its engineering practice of Aspera FASP over 10 Gbps WANs with leading storage systems.

With the explosive growth of file-based digital media in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content, and similar trends toward file-based digitization of data across virtually all industries, fast and reliable movement of massive digital data over global distances is becoming vital to business success. The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that has traditionally been the engine of reliable data movement has inherent bottlenecks in performance, especially for wide area networks with high round-trip time and packet loss. The underperformance becomes most pronounced on high-bandwidth networks, where available bandwidth is wasted in idle transmission or transmission of redundant data. Conventional network file systems (NFS, CFS), file transfer protocols (FTP, HTTP), and even wide area block based storage protocols (iSCSI) that utilize TCP thus have severe performance bottlenecks while running over high-bandwidth WANs. In the LAN, block-based protocols such as fibre channel provide a high-speed data pathway, including in hybrid NAS systems in which the data path uses fibre channel and metadata moves over NFS, but inherent distance limitations and expense prevent fibre channel from being used in the WAN.

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Publiziert: 01.07.15 | IBM Deutschland GmbH

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