Network Engineering

The Top Seven Security Problems of 802.11 Wireless

This white paper explains the top seven WLAN security problems and shows how to solve them by using a network analyzer.

Reasonable precautions can make wireless networks safe for any organization that wants to reap the benefits of mobility and flexibility. As with many other network technologies, the key is to design the network with security in mind and perform regular audits to ensure that the design is the actual basis for deployment. From analysis to troubleshooting to auditing, a wireless network analyzer is an indispensable tool for a wireless network engineer.

The threats explained in this white paper are:

  • Easy Access
  • "Rogue" Access Points
  • Unauthorized Use of Service
  • Service and Performance Constraints
  • MAC Spoofing and Session Hijacking
  • Traffic Analysis and Eavesdropping
  • Higher Level Attacks

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