Strategic IT Governance and tactical project management

Optimize investment decision-making

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Find a structured way to evaluate and select requests for new services and projects.

Despite attempts at establishing strong IT Governance processes, today’s IT organizations continue to struggle with fact-based investment decisions regarding the services and projects IT delivers to the business. The obstacles to achieving stronger business engagement include:

  • lack of an integrated demand
  • management process; no comprehensive
  • IT portfolio management
  • poor financial control and
  • the need for improving resource utilization.

By driving greater IT efficiency through best-practice project execution and resource optimization, CA PPM can help provide 100 % financial transparency of all IT costs. CA PPM also creates a systematic approach for managing all risk and control activities from a single system of record, leveraging existing investments by integrating with leading IT management applications.

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Publiziert: 01.04.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / CA Computer Associates GmbH

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