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On-demand Detection of Malicious Software

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Products included in this test constitute already some very good anti-virus software with relatively high on-demand detection rates.

The participation is limited to 16-18 well-known and worldwide used quality anti-virus products with high detection rates, which vendors agreed to get tested and included in this public report.
Only vendors which detected more than 97% of the Test-Set A (April 06 to April 08) have been included in this comparative.

The Malware sets and system Test-beds were frozen at the beginning of February 2009. All products were updated on the 9th February 2009. Although extremely important, the detection rate of a product is only one aspect of a complete Anti-
Virus product.

Even if this whitepaper shows different aspects of anti-virus software, users are advised to evaluate the software by themselves and build their own opinion about them.

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