Hedging IP Network’s Benefits

Managing QoS Policies Means More Business

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How to reduce the non-trivial risks associated with new service offerings.

Whatever mix of technologies emerges from this era of converging voice and data services on IP networks, one thing is certain — tomorrow’s IP networks will be more complicated than today’s networks by orders of magnitude. That complexity has consequences that extend beyond the implementation phase, when companies are building quality of service (QoS) network architectures that can carry combined voice and data traffic at graduated levels of service.

The complexity has a direct bearing on how efficiently and profitably companies will be able to run their QoS networks after the network architects are finished and the operational staff have to make everything work. QoS, the heart of IP convergence, relies on complex labeling, queuing and prioritization schemes such as MPLS and DiffServ to establish different classes of service — the often-cited gold, silver and bronze levels — among voice and data traffic flows.

Such new capabilities are highly distributed in end-user sites, on the edge of the core transport network, and across the protocol stack, complimenting established transport protocols such as ATM and frame relay in a QoS network architecture. These networks will not be immune to faults, routine operational issues and long-term performance degradation.

So the question remains, as converged IP networks promise economical transport, will the savings disappear into higher operating costs as companies are forced to hire more operational staff to deal with growing complexity and unpredictable network demands? Not necessarily.

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Publiziert: 01.04.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / Michael Marks

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