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Managing Agile Projects with CA Clarity™ PPM

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How to use agile development techniques in order to improve productivity and accelerate software delivery.

Organizations are increasingly trying to simplify and unify the management of Information Technology. Assimilating agile development methods with other enterprise IT management disciplines such as business relationship management, IT service portfolio management, and compliance and risk management is the best way to both accelerate software delivery and ensure sustained business value from IT.

Agile development techniques are becoming increasingly popular as a means of accelerating software delivery. The majority of these approaches is aimed at improving productivity for small teams of developers and emphasizes feature-driven, iterative, incremental delivery over plan or schedule-driven approaches. For many IT organizations, however, agile methods are just one of many IT processes that must co-exist and be effectively managed to ensure optimum IT performance.

This white paper examines how CA Clarity™ helps organizations realize the benefits of agile development in the typical world of agile and non-agile project portfolios, IT governance and compliance mandates.


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Publiziert: 01.04.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / Mike Metcalf

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