IT Governance

Insight Into the Value of New and Existing Services

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How can IT Governance help me realize greater value from my IT investments and better align with business goals?

Your ability to provide good IT Governance is an ongoing challenge to balance current needs with business growth investments. Demand for IT services keeps increasing yet your budget is flat or declining.

The majority of your budget is spent on existing infrastructure, yet you need to address non-negotiable issues like legal and regulatory compliance which divert resources from initiatives that drive business growth. To make the most effective IT investment decisions, you need to balance value, cost and risk across the portfolio of IT services.

CA’s solutions for IT Governance provide all the information you need to make fact-based decisions regarding the best use of IT investments. Our solutions provide the most comprehensive and granular insight into service costs — not just project costs but also infrastructure usage and asset costs.

By providing insight into the value of new and existing services and the risks and costs associated with those services, you are empowered to make tradeoff decisions and realign spending to where it’s most needed.

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