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Generating Premium Returns on Your IT Investments

Bereitgestellt von: CA Deutschland GmbH / Peter Weill and Sinan Aral

Learn from this study how your ROI will increase much more than the average.

Clearly, companies that link their IT investments to their business strategies are well-placed to outrun their competitors along desired performance dimensions. But investing the right amount in the right IT asset classes is only the first step. Above-average management capabilities are also needed to achieve above industry-average returns from those IT investments.

A subset of companies in our sample obtain performance gains that are far greater than those of their competitors. One year after an investment, companies with high IT savvy achieved higher performance from each IT dollar invested across all four IT asset classes. In effect, IT savvy yields a substantial financial premium. Our research assessed each company’s relative IT savvy by cataloging companies’ practices, processes and capabilities.

This white paper is based on five years’ worth of data from CIOs and IT managers at 147 U.S. companies and supplemented by discussions with IT managers in large U.S., European and Asian organizations.

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Publiziert: 01.04.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / Peter Weill and Sinan Aral

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