IT Network Management

Event Correlation and Root Cause Analysis

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Use a network fault management tool for all scenarios to handle the increasing number and variety of possible faults.

The following paper is designed to explain how CA’s Network Fault Management solution (SPECTRUM®) performs event correlation, impact analysis and root cause analysis for multiple vendors and technologies across network, system and application infrastructures.

The Network Fault Management solution uniquely offers three intelligent, automated and integrated approaches to problem solving — while also proactively communicating bi-directionally with infrastructure elements in a “trust but verify” methodology. CA’s software doesn’t just listen for problems — it proactively talks with the infrastructure for health status and detailed diagnostic information.

The end result is a cost-effective way to drive reliability, efficiency and effectiveness in managing IT infrastructure as a business service. CA’s three approaches to problem solving discussed in this paper are:

  • Model-based Inductive Modeling Technology (IMT)
  • Rules-based Event Management System (EMS)
  • Policy-based Condition Correlation Technology (CCT)

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Publiziert: 01.04.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / Christopher Crowell

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