Empowering ITIL Success with WhatsUp Gold

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Empowering ITIL Success with WhatsUp Gold

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a best practice framework for IT Service Management.

ITIL is now the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management around the world. Enterprises of all sizes use ITIL to streamline their processes for designing, creating, delivering and managing high quality IT services to their business end customers. The current version of ITIL (V3 published in May 2007) organizes the disciplines and processes of ITIL around 5 core stages of the service lifecycle. Together, these five stages provide internal IT or the outsourced IT partner with the processes, methods, functions, roles and activities they require to deliver IT services aligned with business objectives, and to continually measure and improve those services over time.
ITIL defines an IT service as what customers or business end users want and consume from an IT organization. IT services can range from simple (setting up the laptop for a new employee) to complex (offering a new VoIP phone service to employees, or, launching a new ecommerce application for external customers). To effectively manage an IT service you must be able to track all the components required to build and deliver that service, including the infrastructure and applications, as well measure how the service is viewed from an end user perspective. ITIL V3 defines five core stages of the service lifecycle that enable IT organizations to manage and deliver services with consistent high quality.

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