A Cisco Integrated Services Router Technology Primer

Empowering Branch Networks with Value-Added

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Today’s business realities are changing the communications landscape, accelerating convergence and integration.

For example, the ubiquitous cell phone is no longer just a phone. It has now morphed into an integrated MP3 player, a camera, a camcorder, web browser, text messaging, e-mail, walkie-talkie, a storage media, an authentication device - the capabilities are endless.

Likewise, a computer is no longer just a fast computing machine, but a true multimedia endpoint capable of serving as a DVD player/recorder, a VoIP phone, an audio player, a game machine, and even a TV, as well as a work system. Wherever one looks, the trend is obvious - integrated services and applications are being delivered in a smaller form factor, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency to the end user.

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Publiziert: 06.12.06 | Cisco Systems GmbH GB Division Networking / Cisco Systems GmbH

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