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  • Mein german is not good, that's why this post ist in english: I have failed to upload a new firmware (THER WAS A SUCCESS MESSAGE) but something failed (mayby because firewall was on?) now this router works as a switch only. No cooporation via http . M1 & M2 after turning device on are…. both ON. I know that there is a A2900021TL-70 FLASH BIOS in this router but i don't have bios in bin format and no programmer for it. How to make this router work as it used before ? Is there any chance to program it with LAN/LPT/COM port ? Please help !!! (i am unable to log into this device via http, because firmware is probably damaged). I had no response from DIGITUS support. You are the only chance !!!!!!

  • Hi,

    the Chip is not removable for external programming.

    You can only try to power off the unit for some minutes and disconnect all cables.

    Then only connect to the power supply and check the M1 LED.

    When it flash normal connect one pc to the router and try to ping it with the address (the factory default).

    If this not help you can try to connect the PIN 3&8 from the COM Port to reset the router to default.

    Read here:

  • It didn't help. Connecting pins 3 & 8 gave NO result 😞 even though I was unable to use Hyper Terminal with my router because I got no response from it.

    Here is a movie showing two situations:

    1. device is plugged into 1 PC via LAN and Power adaptor is connected (showing device boot up process)
      (M1 and M2 are ON after boot up and device HANGs UP).

    2. I discovered that reset button has no role… but when I held it pressed while connecting power connector, M1 & M2 stared both blinking very fast (it is slow motion movie - part 2).


    So: Still I am unable to reset firmware (after unsuccessfull version 13 update)
    Device still works as switch.

    Probably it hangs wile trying to load broken firmware.

    I tryed almost everything to connect via HTTP but probably ROUTER gives no …. HTTP administration support cause of broken fimrware upload process.

    I still HAVE NO BINARY version of firmware (only exe with lan proggramming).

    Now I need solution to reprogramm it via COM LPT or other... way. PLEASE HELP

  • Thanks to everyone for support

    I have placed a faq at:

    explaing another way to update firmware after failure.

    someone could make a mirror of this file, because it will be soon deleted.

    there is a solution !


  • Hi - a have the same problem, but searching router-faq.zip in google search https://www.google.pl/search?q=22router-faq.zip22&ie=UTF-8 shows that none mirror has been created :? . I also cannot dig into the proper firmware file for this device - this site has led me to nowhere: http://wiki.digitus.de/de/DN-11001.
    This FTP also doesnt contain any form of the proper firmware - ftp://ftp.assmann.com/pub/DN-/DN-11001___4016032118008/

    I have bought one HPRC40 in 2010 for my friends and now it has failed - it changed to a switch even without a try to upgrading a firmware - its a nice peace of metal (instead of the pieces of polymers that we find today in the consumer market) so i would like to apply the mentioned fix for this cool exponate of router history.

    Do You still have that solution HPR4C0_SNET (Cewka)??? I could even do some inboard COM soldering to get it done :).

    The problem returns 🙂 - PLEASE HELP.

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