The Ideal Branch-Office Security Solution

Branch Office Business Needs for Security and Networking

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How to securely provide employees in headquarter and branch offices with applications and with high availablility.

According to the industry analyst group Nemertes Research, in 2005, approximately 91 % of employees worked in locations other than headquarters (up from 85 % in 2003). Not surprisingly, employees in these locations require access to many of the same applications and computing resources that are locally available to their colleagues operating in central-site and regional headquarter locations.

However, common approaches for providing this access are proving to be inadequate in terms of performance, security, and cost of ownership. This is being caused by a variety of factors that are impacting the modern computing environment, including increasing traffic volumes, ramping Internet usage and dependency, new application types, an evolving threat landscape, and mounting regulatory pressures.

The result is the need for a new branch office solution – one that provides robust protection from both external and internal threats while also achieving even greater consolidation of requisite security and networking capabilities.

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Publiziert: 23.11.06 | Juniper Networks GmbH / Mark Bouchard

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